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Innovative features to cover all your needs. Each module can be customized.


Managing registrations is the first step between the organizer and the participants.

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Attendees management

Add and view participants lists by type and status. Access to the participants' and companies' details to edit them.

Event agenda management

Manage the event agenda day per day and customer access according to the type of participants.

Online payment

Allow any kind of payment directly on the event web site.


Offer to users an adapted multilingual interface.

Customized registration

Attendees fill in their information by following a detailed step-by-step.

Event book

Generate a print or digital book with the information collected from the platform.

E-mailing - Broadcast

Launch email campaigns to communicate with confirmed participants or recruit new ones. Download and edit templates.

E-mailing - Recall

Automate personalized reminders to collect missing information.

E-mailing - Recap

Send a customized recap to participants with their personal agenda.

SMS Broadcast

Stay in touch with participants by communicating the most important information via SMS.


Keep in touch with your participants

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Business Match

Make your events high-value meeting by mastering networking

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One on One Meetings

Provide participants with a real appointment setting platform to generate a personalized networking agenda.

Workshops / Conferences

The organizer plans several sub-events to invite a selected number of participants to a presentation and/or exchange moment.

Boardrooms / Demo / Showcase

Companies organize their own presentation and meeting moments by inviting a part of the attendee population. They can then retrieve the generated contacts.


Allows you to assign new appointments to participants according to their availability. Optimize the participants' schedule on the day and propose alternatives in case of unforeseen absences.

Planning algorithms

Generate schedules to create Perfect Match™ between participants based on their common criteria, priorities, constraints, and time slots.

Activities / Social Programme

Allows you to manage an event within the event: send emails only to people involved in the activity, real-time monitoring of registrations, personalized view of the website.

Leads management

Allows exhibitors to manage directly in their personal user interface the contacts they met during the event.

Speed / Casual meetings

Organize express or occasional meetings between participants directly during the event.

Hotels Management / Nights

Follow in real-time the hotel reservation management: being able to work with several hotels centralized in the application, setting up night’s quota, rooms category, rooms type… Users book their room directly on their personal interface.

Transport Management / Shuttles

Manage the arrivals / departures of all the participants from/to the airport by asking them in advance their full transportation details. Event Catalyst optimizes the shuttle rotations.

Meals Management

Getting the dietary requirements of all your participants beforehand to make sure to satisfy your audience.


Set up an access control system at the event venue to record attendance information. This check-in module can be extended to different rooms and spaces occupied by the event.

Badges printing / Personal agendas

Participants' badges and personal agendas can be printed in advance or on-site with each participant's information encoded in a QR code or NFC chip.


Get control of your participants' logistics chain

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Planner tools

Tools developed to facilitate
the organization of events

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Visualize in real-time the key data of the event, measure the KPI and the ROI of your operations. Set objectives to develop a strategy before and during the event.

Order management

Manage the orders of the exhibitors on the admin side, generate purchase orders and control the stocks.

To Do lists / Collaborative Management

Each admin account can have a different role and rights. Tasks can be created and assigned between users.

Call of papers / Voting Committee / Awards

From a catalog of projects with a voting system, committee members can consult and rate all available projects.

Placement / Table maps

A custom-developed algorithm allows generating the placement of guests at a dinner or an activity according to defined criteria. On his admin tool, the organizer can manually place the participants on the map.


Each participant get a login and password to access a specific web site built up for the event.


Integration of the space dedicated to the event in an existing website.

Natives Mobile App

A real extension of the platform to be used during the event allowing users to find all the features of their personal space.

User Experience

Offer your participants a tailored user interface

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Animate the community
of your events

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Interaction with social networks

Provide participants with shortened features to interact with social networks.

Social networks integration

Allow users to use the functionality of a social network directly in their space.

Chat Messaging / Trombinoscope

Provide participants with a messaging module to communicate with each other. Visualize the list of participants with a trombinoscope.

Live stream

Broadcast a plenary or a workshop live on the virtual platform dedicated to the event.

Questions & Answers

During a live or physical session, the audience can ask questions to the speakers.

Live Polls

During a live or physical session, you send a survey to the audience, the answers are retrieved live and displayed as graphics.


Challenge your participants or measure their comprehension with a customized survey. Results are automatically calculated and communicated to participants.

Satisfaction Surveys

Answer a survey about the event that has just taken place. The results are formatted and available in real-time to the organizer or on the event website.

Survey Generator

Create your own survey directly from Event Catalyst.

Carbon footprint

With a view to sustainable development, this module allows you to calculate the impact of the organization of the event on the environment. The carbon footprint is achieved thanks to a tool for accounting for greenhouse gas emissions. This data can then be used to find a way to offset your impact.

Web Surveys

Measure the impact of your event.

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Connect Event Catalyst to other tools and services.

Since we have always been open to any opportunity to connect our solution with other applications, we now have more than 50 APIs integrated with Event Catalyst

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Connect an exchange service with affiliated websites to promote products or services.


Add your own tool to connect your audience tracking data.

Mass mailing

Integrate an emailing solution specialized in mass mailing.


Connect Event Catalyst to your CRM to allow your sales teams to synchronize sales information.


The Event Catalyst application can also be linked to an Information System. Integrating the Event Catalyst tool directly into a company's work environment allows optimized project management and simplified collaboration between the different actors.

Visio conferences

Integrate the technology of your choice into your virtual or hybrid platform for all modules requiring video conferencing. (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex, lifesize, livestorm, etc.)


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