Event Catalyst

How does it work?

Event Catalyst is a multi-platform cloud solution for professional event planners. With more than 50 business modules, Event Catalyst provides a 360° view of the event for the organizer and the participant.

A flexible tool that adapts precisely to your needs and to the different formats your event may have. With the EC Live extension, you can also manage your virtual and hybrid events by offering your participants new meeting formats.

Key figures

1,500,000 users

in more than 100 countries

25,000 workshops and conferences

400,000 One on One meetings

100,000,000 emails

500,000 satisfaction surveys

1,000 business shows

50,000,000 € of hotels budget managed

A user community with over 20 years of experience


They trust us

The biggest players in the event, the banking, public and industrial sectors have chosen to work with us

Who we are?

Creators of software solutions, specialists
in event management

Since early 1998, SeAL has accompanied its clients through the digitalization of their core business processes, based on Internet technologies

Today we are a Global Solution Provider for marketing, communication and event planning businesses. We have a global presence and a portfolio of innovative solutions, with a superior service level

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